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The Purpose of the USKK


The United States Karate-Do Kai is an educational organization, established in 1983 by Sensei Phillip W. Koeppel to promote traditional martial arts activities, supporting the highest standards of technical skill and competence within the karate-do community.

Folowing traditional karate training methods, ethics and customs, USKK activities promote physical, mental and spiritual development, cultivating self-discipline, honor and respect.


From 1983 onward, USKK events included both tournament competition and educational seminars. Beginning in 2019, Sensei Koeppel dirceted the organization's focus toward promoting educational seminars only.


USKK Activities and Benefits

USKK activities provide a safe and supportive environment in which members broaden their knowledge and hone their skills by working with and learning from karate-ka of various styles.


In addition to providing learning opportunities, the USKK serves as a social hub where people come together to share stories, experiences, tips and advice while building lasting relationships with those of common interests.


USKK members also benefit by sharing information on the Member Dojos page and Events page.

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