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The United States Karate-do Kai welcomes schools and individuals who practice traditional karate with a focus on integrity and personal development, consistent with the spirit of karate-do. We promote activities for the continued advancement of our members and the encouragement of non-karate individuals to join in the study of the art.


Member schools and individuals pay a nominal annual fee to enjoy benefits the USKK offers -

- participation in local, regional and national events, such as seminars and clinics

- interaction with fellow members in other styles of karate and kobudo (karate weapons)

- connections with fellow members in other locales; states, regions and countries

- international recognition by karate organizations around the globe

- dojo recognition and individuals' rank certification thru the USKK


Anyone interested in joining the USKK must fill out an application form and submit it for review by the Board of Directors. A Board Member or State Representative will then contact the prospective member to verify information and discuss the possibility of a visit, in person or virtually, to learn more about them and their dojo, and answer any questions they may have about the USKK.

Download forms to apply for and renew memberships.

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