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Training Videos   
Mr. Koeppel has provided training DVD's for students unable to visit and train at the Hombu dojo. These DVD's are a valuable tools for the Matsumura Seito practitioner. Click on the images below to view a clip from each video. If a QuickTime player is not installed on your system, follow this link.

DVD's are available for purchase through Fighting Arts. Click THIS link to be directed to their website.

Tape 1 - This video covers Naihanshi Sho, Pinan Shodan and Gokui Waza 1 and 2. Mr. Koeppel also talks about the Hombu dojo.


Tape 2 - Naihanshi Ni and Pinan Nidan are presented along with Gokui Waza 3 - 5. Mr. Koeppel provides history of the Matsumura Seito lineage.


Tape 3 - This video gives instruction on the basic movements of the Seito Matsumura style. Pinan Sandan, Pinan Yodan, and Pinan Godan are covered, as are Gokui Waza 6 - 8. Also presented are katas Ryushoken and Naihanshi San.


Tape 4 - Mr. Koeppel continues with the foundations of the Matsumura Seito system with extensive coverage of the kata Passai. The value of Tama training is also presented.

Tape 5 - In this tape Mr. Koeppel  covers the Katas Sesan and Rohai. Also  on this tape are Gokui Wazas 9-12

 Tape 6 - Mr. Koeppel has added another great tape to this collection. In this tape he covers the Katas Sanchin, Happoren and Tensho. He covers Gokui Wazas 13 - 20.



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