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Selected Photos From Past and Present

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Master Trias and Sensei Koeppel
kuda.jpg (24917 bytes) Master Yuichi Kuda at the Hombu Dojo.
koneishi.jpg (27025 bytes) Sensei with Yashiro Koneishi and Makato Gima during
the 1976 USKA Orient Tour.
nagamine.jpg (19643 bytes) Mr. Koeppel with Shoshin and Takayoshi Nagamine at the
1997 First World Okinawan Karate Tournament in Naha, Okinawa.
hombu.jpg (39498 bytes) The Hombu Dojo, World Headquarters to the United States
 Karate Do Kai. Located in Peoria, Illinois USA
gateway.jpg (91294 bytes) Mr. Robert Yarnall's 1968 Gateway Open Karate Tournament, St. Louis, MO.
gyi.jpg (41648 bytes) USKA Grand National Karate Tournament, early 1970's
world.jpg (42714 bytes) August 1997 Naha, Okinawa. First Okinawan World Karate Championships.
Nishihara Village, Okinawa, August 1997. Phillip Koeppel with Sensei Kosai Nishihira in front of his dojo and home.
August 23, 1978. Peoria North Dojo. Left to Right - Parker Shelton, Ft. Wayne, IN - Glenn Keeney, Anderson, IN - Phillip Koeppel, Peoria, IL - James McLain, Nashville, TN.
Sensei Koeppel and Washin ryu Shihan Hidy Ochiai.
2005 USKK International Championships June 2005


Shihan Ochiai instructed the main seminar in Peoria, IL. His seminar consisted of training with the Rokushaku Bo and building energy through mind/body unification. A great seminar! Thank you Master Ochiai!


February 1996 Royal Hoey Hotel, Athlone Ireland. A break after one of the seminars. Seated Left to Right - Patrick Beaumont, Ireland - Bill Creasey, Ireland - Phillip Koeppel, U.S. - Takayoshi Nagamine, Okinawa, - Vince Morris, England.



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