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May 8, 2011

We had a near record turnout on April 30, 2011 for Sensei's annual seminar at my dojo.

There were some new faces and a lot of familiar ones.

Sensei shared his unique insights into technique and application from kata niseidi sho

and from some of the waza that he developed from his vast experience and exposure

to many high level teachers over the years.

We worked out for four hours and the mirrors were very steamed up.

I don't know how you do it Sensei.

You are truly an endless wealth of knowledge and I treasure the time I get to spend with you.

Thank you Sensei and thank you to all of my friends that attended.

Of course, after a great four hour workout there is ---------------------"Chili"

Lucky J Phillips



February 27, 2011

Last weekend I was a guest of the USA Karate Federation - Kwanmukan International in Richfield, OH. Many wonderful things occurred during my visit.

On Friday evening I was honored by the USAKF Shihankai with the awarding of the rank of 10th degree by their Federation. They have my deep gratitude for this action. On Saturday evening at their awards banquet I was presented with the "George Anderson Memorial Award". I am truly honored to receive this award. Along with these presentations it was just great to be able to renew old friendships with some people I have not seen in a long while. Thank you Kaicho Robert Saul, Director Patrick Hickey and the entire membership of the USAKF.

God bless your founder, George E. Anderson Hanshi and may his memory live on thorough all of your fine efforts.


Phillip W. Koeppel

Kaicho USKK






On April 17, 2010 we held our 7th annual seminar with Sensei Koeppel.

Sensei presented Happoren and Passai kata and some of the principles and applications contained in them.

At one point Sensei was asked to perform Happoren.

As I watched Sensei run this kata, I was awe struck by his performance.

I don't know many people that are half his age that can run a kata with as much agility, power, and intensity as he did this kata.

We are very fortunate indeed to be able to interact with Sensei Koeppel on such a personal level.

Everyone in attendance was exposed to a tremendous amount of information.

A great time was had by all.


Lucky J. Phillips





May 1, 2009

It was a warm spring morning on Saturday, April 18, 2009 for our sixth annual seminar with Sensei at my dojo in Springfield, IL.

We had a record number of fine karateka from several states, many who have been here before and quite a few here for the first time.

We worked kata Nisei di sho and the applications and the principles contained within.

Nisei di sho is one of the kata that were developed by Sensei Kuda and on the surface would appear to be basic in nature but when Sensei presents the principles contained in this kata, the possible applications are endless.

The temperature outside was dropping throughout the morning and by noon it was down right chili, “Lucky’s World Famous Chili”.

With the help of a few jalapeño peppers, Sensei was smokin hot by the time we got back in the dojo and for the rest of the afternoon we worked on applications and tuite from the waza that Sensei has developed from the kata that we work and a review of Nisei di sho and its applications.

As usual, if you missed it, YOU MISSED IT!

Thank you to all of my good friends who attended in support of Sensei Koeppel.

A grand time and good fellowship was had by all.

Thank you Sensei for sharing your unique insights and great wisdom with all of us.


Lucky J. Phillips



January 28, 2009

Greetings from Denver Colorado. I wanted to extend my thanks to all who helped make all this a reality in the Colorado area. I am a single father of two and believe that Sensei James Walker and the traditions that he teaches are what I believed to be when I was younger. It helps my kids learn and know what is expected of them even when they don't want to listen to their mom or dad normally.  We really enjoy the training we receive and at times need to train with each other in the front yard to get the moves just right.  This year we are having our 10th anniversary and the entire Dojo are involved in planning this event in honor of Sensei Walker and his wonderful way of teaching. We have great instructors and he is great with people including those of us who are challenged. I get a better understanding not just of myself but the need to give to help when I see him share his love for his students. I hope that we can express our thoughts in the way we hold our banquet this year. Thanks to all and hope to see some of you in the Colorado area at our annual seminar 2009.

Darrell Walkinshaw



August 20, 2008

Just want to say how happy, and proud my wife and I are of the self confidence and positive attitude that karate has instilled in our grand-daughter, Courtney Fowler USKK # 13994, Dojo # D0158. Sensei Sass has done a super job of balancing discipline and fun. I have watched our grand-daughter grow from a very shy introverted, lost in the shuffle 8 year old into a self confident, look 'em in the eyes karateka. She is proud of what she has accomplished, and has made it her goal to get her black belt at 14. I think she can, and Sensei Sass is encouraging her all the way. I love this Dojo! Thanks for listening.

David A. Wilson Apache Jct. AZ


April 28, 2008

I would just like to say THANK YOU to Mr. Koeppel and to every one else to whom I may have written a letter to in requesting a Senior Women's BB Division and making it a reality. This is really a great thing for us older women who still want to compete but just aren't as limber as our 18 year old competitor. I am really looking forward to competing this year in this new division. Thank you all again,


Nancy Merfeld

April 20, 2008

It was our 5th annual seminar this year with Sensei Koeppel and it was well attended by fine karateka from Indiana, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and of course Illinois.

The lucky people (click HERE) who joined in this year's workout learned kata Kakuho and were introduced to some of the principles involved in the application from that kata.

Also presented were two of Sensei's more advanced waza and principles and application from them.

If you missed it...   YOU MISSED IT!!!

Lucky J. Phillips


p.s.:  did I mention chili?

November 22, 2007

Having had a rough 2007, I was "taking stock" this evening and thought of things that positively impacted my life in the year nearly-past. The USKK, Hanshi Koeppel, my teachers, and our friends and family in other countries around the world are at the top of my list of things for which I'm thankful.


Happy Thanksgiving 2007 to everyone. All best in Budo,


Thomas Campbell


June 22, 2007

Upon my return from the 2007 USKK International competition, I am compelled to express my appreciation of this organization.  Having been away from organizational Karate since the death of Master Trias and the dissolution of the Uniter States Karate Association, I cannot express in words the feelings I experienced reconnecting with Master Koeppel and the members of the USKK.  Touching the history, depth of meaning and strength in this organization was a profoundly meaningful experience for me. I want to express my gratitude to Master Koeppel and the USKK membership in general, who having not seen me for decades, welcomed me with such respect and affection - I have no words to express how that felt.  This organization embodies the true meaning of Bushido.  The events and workshops were amazing, the tournament organized and well run.  I cherished the opportunity of being a part of the USKK giving out it's first financial academic scholarship to Karate-Ka Whitney Goldstein, an incredible award I never would have imagined a Karate organization offering.  I thank the membership for its acknowledgements of my past achievements, and for providing me the encouragement and opportunity to perform my first Sensei Mel Wise' s Kata for the first time in competition.  This weekend was among my most valued and meaningful experiences.  Thank-you Master Koeppel.
Yours in Karate-Do
 Kathy Sullivan Ph.D.
Ni Dan Sho-Rei/GoJu




June 10, 2007

Hello, This is Ashley Gonwa, I never realized there was a website.  There is a lot of information on here that i learned.  It is put together very well.  Very nice website. :)



April 16, 2007

It was a little "Chili" on April 14, 2007 but we managed to warm things up in my dojo this year for Sensei Koeppel's annual seminar. In fact, the mirrors were completely fogged up!
Sensei presented some of the applications that are based on the principles inherent in the kata that we practice and represented in some of the "Gokui Waza" that were developed from those kata by him.
I don't know how anyone could have been there and not come away with a better understanding, not only of what Sensei works but, a clearer understanding of the principles of Okinawan karate in general.

Lucky J. Phillips


February 20, 2007

Grand Master Koeppel,

 Victor Moore sends his greetings to you and all in your organization.


With Respect and Regards,

 Mark Rowe

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